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Just use the toArray() method to convert the post in a array. Change:

$data = $this->Post->where('id...

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Hello! I had to live with this problem for a period, but now i have found the definitive solution on...

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I would be a good thing!

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I've used this plugin to import from other bases, and have made some updates to import more than one...

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Thanks emzero! It worked like a charm. Somebody could create a simple plugin to do it?! :)

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To get in the front-end:

{{ this.theme.site_logo.getPath }}


{{ this.theme.site_logo.getThumb(300...

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I also would like to know.

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I had the same problem, it was an internet connection problem. The installation try to access the UR...

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I also would like to know.

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Tschallacka said:


This solution calls my m...

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