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So, I'm in a bit of a panic and at an entire loss.

The CMS elements like partials won't save. I can...

Posted in Can't save CMS elements. Error only shows backend HTML

According to the plugin directory, the current version is 1.0.6. And this problem is still not solve...

Posted in Appearing in Repeater

Bumping this.

Posted in Plugin without list ( plugin builder )

I can't seem to find documentation for this, so I'm assuming it doesn't exist, which is a shame.

Is ...

Posted in Static Pages Global Variable

Hey kiitkp, can you post how you resolved the issue? It'd be helpful for anyone else down the road w...

Posted in Javascript Minified not working

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a list of all the types supported by the variable syntax fields in the...

Posted in Static Pages Variable Type Options

It would be awesome to see a character count function for title and description tags.

Currently I h...

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It turns out the culprit was a plugin (I just went through and enabled/disabled them in hopes someth...

Posted in Password Reset Error

When I try to do a "Forgot Your Password" on the login screen, I get the following error:

An except...

Posted in Password Reset Error

Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this.

In the Building Client-Friendly Websites page, I see...

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