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njvarma said:

@ndcisiv, that's awesome! Thank you. Wish that were more obvious and we could flag an...

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This topic is used by the Octoshop Support Migration tool to verify users that had their posts moved...

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Ahh, you just needed to make it optional. Thanks for posting your solution!

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You should be able to use something like {{ category.primary_image|thumbnail }} in your theme to get...

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I'd check under the Links section in your components to make sure you've got all the pages set up co...

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Hard to say where this is coming from, really. Can you check your error log and post the full tracel...

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www-data as owner and group is far more secure than setting permissions of 777 on everything.

As kay...

Posted in Is it really a good idea to set www-data as owner of all files?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your kind comments! I think in general, SQLite probably isn't such a good choice...

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You can also run php artisan october:install again to reconfigure settings without an editor.

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Thanks amit, someone must've changed the password. The demo login is back to octoshop/demo again.


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