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Please look into chunked upload @OctoberCMS

Posted in Add chunk feature to upload huge file in backend

for those still tumbling upon this post:

Lets say you want the field title to be required, edit this...

Posted in Required fields in backend are not actually required

As a sidenote, make sure you set your PHP upload_max_filesize to the same filesize.

Posted in Increase upload-limit in backend

For those who still stumble upon this post. I have created a plugin that does an attempt at generati...

Posted in Accessing page variables

+1 same for:

  • ProductsByBrand.php line 84
  • ProductsByCategory.php line 85
  • MyOrderDetail.php line 46, ...

Posted in [Bug] Missing product - Error 404

This could have multiple issues. The most simple thing you can check is on the page itself. Check th...

Posted in Only first post is showing in post's list

This is an error I have gotten before on several installations. By simply pressing retry it always r...

Posted in Installation Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1698] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'


This is not a suggestion for the octobercms but for the websites project management.

I ...

Posted in Private project management (Website Suggestion)

I have solved the issue, it was my fault for not reading op on the documentation properly. make sure...

Posted in how to keep the page from reloading?

The same problem here, can you confirm once clicking the confirm button the input is placed in the G...

Posted in how to keep the page from reloading?