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When I use mediafinder as form field on backend, which triggers MediaManager to upload or select a p...

Posted in MediaManager not work with Firefox and IE

My ongoing project, I use datepicker formwidget (using Picaday), And I change vendor/picaday/js/pica...

Posted in i18n for Backend FormWidgets

Since Laravel 5.1 is LTS version, is there any schedule to move October onto Laravel 5.1?

Posted in Is there any schedule to move October onto Laravel 5.1 LTS

Although there's a solution for bringing back Laravel as plugin, https://github.com/daftspunk/oc-lar...

Posted in Is it posible to bring back the [app] directory for NATIVE laravel?

After some survey on OctoberCMS, I found it a great start for my new project - A CRM like system. Pl...

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