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  1. You need to activate mod rewrite. How?
    $ sudo a2enmod rewrite

Then, to use mod_rewrite from within...

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Thank you for helping out and your quick reply

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you wrote: By default the plugin already provides a /donation_webhook route. Its already baked into...

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Hello @info9174, what have you found as solution?

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When I am in the in the CMS, I can use something like that {{ 'navigation.translatedtext'| }} to get...

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Renatio said:


it should be possible in version 1.3.0.

Just upgraded Thanks!!

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Kirill Artemenko said:

Hope it help:

<a href="{{ ''| page }}">Current page with current filter slug...

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I want to create a new field, a page reference field. This will provide a page link for "terms & con...

Posted in How can I use the page filter on a field type?

lunfel said:

I was able to translate using {{ '' | trans }} and having ...

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This is my solution ->

Instead of using old('name') I now use form_value('name') and it works.


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