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Hello. Turns out it was not an issue with the plugin. So, all is good, thanks. However, would be nic...

Posted in Plans to upgrade for OCMS2" ?

Hi. Do you have any plans to upgrade this for OCMS2 version 2?

Posted in Plans to upgrade for OCMS2" ?

Hi. A very useful plugin. Any chance you could add the subject to backend list? That would take it t...

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Hi. Works well, except, when i click on the email to view, the iframe returns an error. GET https://...

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Navigatin to /sitemap.xml trips up here... Can anyone help? Thank-you

if ( class_exists($modelClass)...

Posted in error on sitemap.xml

Jacob. You are One Smart Cookie. You've knocked my somewhat embarrassing attempt to fix the problem ...

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Oops. The last "$this->createLogBookLogItem($changes);" should not be there :)

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Hi Jacob. Loving your plugin. One small issue for me. I have fields in my database set to decimal, a...

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Sorry, can't say. I uninstalled this a while back. Was just tinkering.

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Update. Just realised; I was setting the event end-date as the date for the repeat to end, but i sho...

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