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Hi, is it possible to create polls withouit coding ? what kind of questins can the user create ?

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I like to have the key selling process automated, so that i have to jus...

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hi, is it possible to sell software keys ? lets say i have a list with keys and they shoudkl be sold...

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thanks for clearance

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Hi, this makes the paged editable ?:

{% component 'editme' message='page.title' %}

Does the plugin a...

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hi, is it possible to add custom actions like, add colum ?

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is there somewhere a demo ? is it possible to add custom actions , like adding colums ?

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Is there any roadmap when the blog support will be available please?

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Hi, Is it possibe to use this on combination with the translate plugin ? Please?

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hareshop247 said:

Yes, but you have to customize code Is there anywhere an example how and what nee...

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