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Here's the context

<header id="Header">
   <div class="masthead">
      <svg class="logo">...[dark l...

Posted in What is a clever way that I can style my header logo in different ways on different pages?

daftspunky said:

Hi Coding Crafter!

{{ }} can be used for this.

I hope this helps.


Posted in Creating a dynamic class | Iterating a class

How would one go about creating a dynamic class?

Such as?

{# On the homepage #}
<body class="myClass...

Posted in Creating a dynamic class | Iterating a class

daftspunky said:

Hey dab,

Glad you got it sorted! You can use the twig dump() function to inspect p...

Posted in Tuning the blog component

Hi there! I am new to plugin/backend development in general. I was wondering about how I might going...

Posted in Pulling in data from the columns of a table with the builder plugin

daftspunk said:

Hi amaury,

October CMS v2.0 supports PHP 8.0 or PHP 7.2.9+

PHP 8.1 is also supporte...

Posted in Does October support PHP 8?

I don't think this has been posted yet, but I was looking into hosting with Microsoft Azure. Is ther...

Posted in Server Hosting Compatibility With October CMS

info14532 said:

MAMP will eventually give you trouble along with Vagrant and even homestead. I foug...

Posted in How install OctoberCMS on Localhost?

daftspunk said:

Hey Coding Crafter.

Sounds like this might be something simple to fix. The best id...

Posted in Can't Reach October Login Page

Hi there, this may be a really trivial question. It's been a while since I've been developing my Oct...

Posted in Can't Reach October Login Page