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chris10207 said:

oh ok got it, the update process is not executed if you have implemented the succe...

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protected $slugs = ['slug' => ['make', 'model', 'variant']]; Also works (set the slug = to an array)...

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I currently am looking to mess around with a new style of urls:

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I am doing the same thing atm with a new plugin. I have a lot of components made.

It's annoying ther...

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In general:

  • Models interface with your database.
  • Components provide a way to interface with your fr...

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Yes, I use this method in a few of my plugins.

Edit: Laravel Version: 5.1.46 (LTS)

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According to the default theme:

<!-- Scripts -->
        <script src="{{ [

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This is a common pitfall, make sure your folder names are lower case. Some operating systems are ca...

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You can run php artisan --version in your console. You should see Laravel Framework version 5.1.46 (...

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Tried using the closure method of a Queue::push and got:

[2017-05-30 02:41:33] production.ERROR: Sy...

Posted in Using Queues, Class Not Found