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i know this was 11 months ago but to show the correct count do this


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When this plugin is enabled it creates errors with the Filesystemiterator :/ Like all the errors poi...

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Mohsin said:

I’m trying to make the reverse of this work i.e. when a dropdown field option is chose...

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uXMs said:

ok, clearly.

First of all, install a new, fresh october cms installation on your local o...

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I do not, as i previously stated that im using a different user plugin with a different alian, so it...

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uXMs said:

Sure, you can.

  • Add Uxms.Restful and RainLab.User plugins to a project.
  • Let project down...

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Is it possible for me to get the files manually so i could add it to my project manually? Im not usi...

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Only 16 more questions with a score of 10 or more left <_< this is gonna take a hella long time

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What i was basically trying to say was allowing component properties to work within a partial when i...

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So lets say i have a component on a "layout" page and i have one of the properties set for it. Then ...

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