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While you're at it:

lang.php placeholders: 'chose' => 'Choose' (not chose) 'settings' => 'date_php_d...

Posted in Please correct spelling 'Recuring' => 'Recurring'

Spelling is incorrect in lang.php, 'recur' (line 229) should be 'Recurring' not 'Recuring'

Posted in Please correct spelling 'Recuring' => 'Recurring'

I'm getting the same problem. It looks like the migration is creating a literal string value of "DEF...

Posted in SQL Error on Install

I would like to pass the filename from the file upload form to another field on a backend form. This...

Posted in How to pass filename from backend fileupload to form field

'Brief' is misspelled as 'breif' in the description fields in kurtjensen/privatefiles/lang/en/lang.p...

Posted in Spelling 'brief' in kurtjensen/privatefiles/lang/en/lang.php