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Just use this attribute: emptyOption: 1 Where 1 is the default id

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This solution didn't work for me. I changed this value in:


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I also have the same question. Media manage is too slow because of a lot of images

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Thank you for your help.

As update, this is the new file path:


Posted in Overwrite the same name image on Media Upload

just add this code at the beginning: use Backend;

then use your code: 'url' => Backend::url(...

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Hello, When I install plugin, the generated URLs of assets in frontend and backend are re-generated ...

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Hello, I get this error: Undefined index: client_id /home/edreszain/public_html/test/plugins/flynsar...

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I also need to do this

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to get attribute value if it empty only, use this:

public function getFieldAttribute() { return $thi...

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I've the same problem: when i create my project in some folder for example 'localhost/foldername' pa...

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