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If you are still haven't trouble. I tried the command it was still suspended, so do this.

  1. Go to the...

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I agree with this. fix the problem here. Replace in paypal/default

<input name="item_name" value="{{...

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Hi I found

function onTest()
    $this->page['result'] = input('value1') + input('value2');


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Hi, I recently read the above topic and the solutions provided do not quite solve the problem. So I'...

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Hi, I have a local and a remote copy of octobercms that are sync with git deploy.

Im my local, in a...

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Just remember to put a \ in front of global Classes

so backend is \backend

Posted in Class 'Backend' not found, what I'm doing wrong?

Its probably due to a configuration settings issue. I don't have any problem duplicating and getting...

Posted in How to get config settings in to the theme

dai.mike16723 said:

here is my solution, hopes it help.

<form  data-request-flash data-request-vali...

Posted in Using Flash on frontend like we use it on backend