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Hi Mr Hound, thanks for your contribution. i merged the changes and created an update package.

if an...

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I think it dspends on the license of the third party script. Look there to see of commercial use is ...

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thank you!

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Hello. Since a few days i get the error when i'm trying to save an editable content file: ErrorExcep...

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Hello. I just installed your plugin. But there is an Error. In the file /plugins/flynsarmy/sociallog...

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Nice that you could fix the problem yourself. If you have any other questions, just ask here!

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hello. can i use this only for registration? or are users able to add social accounts to their profi...

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i have the same issue. just sent you an email thx

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Hosting services for OctoberCMS Demos

Hello guys. I use OctoberCMS now for about a few months. I hav...

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Hi mittul, To move your installation upload all files to the new document root of your new server. T...

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