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Hi, phplee!
I can not reproduce this bug in the latest build of OctoberCMS. Make sure that this erro...

Posted in Method StorageClear\Console\StorageClear::handle() does not exist

Here is pull request which can fix this issue.

Posted in Fileupload validation?

Hi, I have a similar problem.
I tried to use validation rules for arrays, as described in the Larave...

Posted in Fileupload validation?

Hello @saleh.asadi.work19498 .

Your question does not apply to the Clear file cache plugin. Unfortun...

Posted in a widget with class name 'dashboardFiles' has not been bound to the controller

Hello @ribbsousa!

This plugin uses Bootstrap Notify v3.0.0. You can see dependencies of this version...

Posted in Is not working properly!

Try use Flash:success('Your message'); and type will be success.

Posted in Can't customize the flash message?

Hello @tony17546!
How exactly do you want to customize the flash message?
Try change template (Setti...

Posted in Can't customize the flash message?

Hi @mathisloge15564. Try version 1.0.2

Posted in Error on line 25 in main.js

mathisloge15564 said:

Hey, sometimes i get a error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'match...

Posted in Error on line 25 in main.js

Hi Sevenface,

Are you sure you have in your template tag {% scripts %}?

Posted in User Plugin and Form Error Messages