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I am new to October and I have been searching for a tutorial on how to create a database backed list with role based access.

Example -- a list of books: tile, author, isbn, publisher, publish date, format (drop down), summary, etc.

It would be a list view with detail create, edit, show, delete view functions.

It would be accessed by users logged in with an edit role.

It would have a text search that searches all fields for any number of sub-strings in any order.

It would have export to csv/excel/etc. based on the current search/filter result.

Many thanks in advance.

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1+ to this tutorial creation, i'm reading the documentation and I've learned all the basic stufs but, adding the export button to csv or json...

I'll see if i can figure it out how to do this. If i resolve that i will send you a video tutorial :*

Note: we must help each other because this cms rocks (Best CMS ever)

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