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First install, nice installer !

Setting up a theme I am getting the following twig error (PHP 5.4):

Unexpected character "'"
/themes/phytoform/layouts/default.htm line 55

Line 55 and surround:

<footer class="text-center" style="z-index: -1;">
    {% partial "footer" %}

  <!-- LINE 55 -->  <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ 'assets/js/foundation.js'|theme }}"></script>

    {% framework extras %}
    {% scripts %}


What's gone wrong here? I've always avoided twig wherever possible so perhaps I'm missing a common pitfall, I cant see anything wrong with this syntax?

Also on front end if you refresh the error page it goes away, dropping the twig line that caused the issue. Is this a recovery feature of October CMS?

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OK sorted. There was a syntax fail way up in the header. It's a shame the twig exceptions don't point to the right line.

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