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In document, we can set width on Column options for Backend List

width   sets the column width, can be specified in percents (10%) or pixels (50px). There could be a single column without width specified, it will be stretched to take the available space.

However, when i tried to put width in columns.yaml is nothing happens there. then i see in 'modules/backend/widgets/lists/partials/_list_body_row.htm'

<td data-title="<?= e(trans($column->label)) ?>" class="list-cell-index-<?= $index ?> list-cell-name-<?= $column->columnName ?> list-cell-type-<?= $column->type ?> <?= $column->cssClass ?>">

there is no $column->width. Can you fix it? Thank you


I have just tested this using

        label: Type
        searchable: true
        width: 10px

as an example and it worked fine. Perhaps you could post your yaml file.


apparently, I am using the old version (download on Jan 2015). There is an commits from daftspunk on Feb 21, 2015 in github.

the changes in _list_head_row.htm as follows:

<?php if ($column->width): ?>style="width: <?= $column->width ?>"<?php endif ?>
class="<?= $this->sortColumn==$column->columnName?'sort-'.$this->sortDirection.' active':'sort-desc' ?> list-cell-name-<?= $column->columnName ?>"

The problem has been solved now :)

@axomat, for thanks for helping


Column width doesnt work here either, the config is broken it should use min-width

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