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Pat Och
Pat Och

With the builder tool i created a standart backend form for my Customer model.

When I display the related create page (with url like .../myadmin/author/myplugin/customers/create), in some case, I need to be able to populate some text fields with predefined values (from an oldCustomer model precisely)

I tried a system D tech by forcing a value in my session or in my input but that does not work

my try with session

Session::flash('email', '');
return Redirect::to('/myadmin/author/myplugin/customers/create');

or with input option

Input::flashOnly('email', '');
return Redirect::to('/myadmin/author/myplugin/customers/create')->withInput();

which gives the following result in my session debugbar tab

_old_input  array:2 [ "email" => null "foo@bar" => array:1 [ "com" => null ] ]

here we can see email is set but with null value then after this is whatever.

i feel i'm not so far but already spending half a day on it ! thanks for help

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