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I'm working with this slider:

Everything works great except for where it pulls the images for display. It uses an app segment to display the code like this: {{ item.image.path|app }}

However this, code outputs something like this: http:// storage/app/uploads/public/581/20f/70d/58120f70d4e37381047008.jpg (spaces added intentionally for display)

Site-folder is the site's project folder, but should only be showing up once. I cannot seem to locate in plugin's files where item.image.path is defined. Any suggestions on where to check (there, other files, settings, or database) would be wonderfully appreciated.

Thank you


Looks like dropping the |app solves the issue here and just calling it like {{ item.image.path }} Does the trick.

I am still learning the ins and outs of October. I apologize for the simple question.

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