Hello, I'm a bit troubled with what happened to my .gitignore.

The context:

1 - successful installation of OctoberCMS + public plugins + manual git clone of my private plugins, I can work on my plugins, commit, push to the right repository

2 - Later on, reinstallation with private plugins referenced in october.yaml to test the deployment process, works fine

But then I realized when about to commit some changes on the theme that my private plugins would appear in the untracked files (means not ignored by git anymore), they are specifically forced NOT to be ignored in the project's .gitignore file.

I see that this is related to default value for excludePlugins being false and setting it to true would not trigger that behavior.

Problem is, I see a conflict here, if I keep it that way, I commit then my plugins are inside the project repository.

What's the point of using dedicated repositories for my private plugins if they actually get inside my project repository?

Furthermore, if I want to work on those plugins, I can't push them to their dedicated repository, because git is not set at the plugin level, instead the changes will be pushed to my project's repository, so plugin's repo gets outdated.

Now what would happen on next installation? (just trying to guess)

1 - git clone of my project's repo, october.yaml is here, theme is here, private plugins are already here

2 - october install: will download octobercms, install the vendors, ..., download the public plugins and then re-download the outdated plugins and overwrite them?

Or is it that when using this functionality I'm not supposed to manually push to git but only use the october push command (didn't try yet) and boostrapper will automatically push the theme related files to project's repo and plugins related files to their respected repo?

If yes, I believe this should be explained in more details in the documentation, actually excludePlugins is not even mentioned in github readme but I found about it in the packagist page.

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