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I have called a component partial like this {% partial 'tvComponent::listHomeListTvOnVh1s' %} on page tv.html. Below is the component partial code.

             Now i want to call another another {% partial 'tvComponent::subListHomeListTvOnVh1s'  id="" %}. but its not working. 

{% if tvComponent.listHomeListTvOnVh1s %}
 {% for listHomeListTvOnVh1 in tvComponent.listHomeListTvOnVh1s %}
<h6 class="section-title clearfix" style="margin-top: 15px;" >
  <a href="{{ 'tv/tv-shows-id'|page({show_id: listHomeListTvOnVh1.alias}) }}">{{ }}</a>
  <a href="{{ 'tv/tv-shows-id'|page({show_id: listHomeListTvOnVh1.alias}) }}"> <span class="right read-more ">View More</span></a>
<div class="row" id="tv-section">
  {% partial 'tvComponent::subListHomeListTvOnVh1s'  id="" %}
 {% endfor %}
 {% else %}
  <div class="row" id="tv-section">No data found.</div>
 {% endif %}

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As far as i know you have to call the partial in the page. The thing with calling partials in partials, you could end up in nesting and nesting and nesting and .. .. get it?

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