I am a mostly wordpress dev, and my client is in need of help migrating their october cms based site to a new server due to a relationship breakdown with the former manager of the site. I've been looking through the tutorials and docs a little bit trying to familiarize myself with October however I couldn't see any straight forward guides on what migrating would be like. I have root level ssh to the current server but no usernames passwords for anything else, I am hoping that this is enough for what I need.

When migrating WP sites I normally install a fresh environment then use a plugin that exports the entire site and then the same plugin to import all the data on the new server. Is there a tool or anything to help with migration? Like a way to bundle the whole thing up into a single file? Failing that can you do something like install October and then manually export the DB and import it into the new site and then transfer all other files manually?

Sorry if this is outlined somewhere and I missed it, this just came out of nowhere and my client is desperate for help.


The best way is to create new installation on server. And then copy only plugins and themes directory, after that run php artisan october:up .In case you dont want to migrate it yourself or having trouble doing it then you can find a provider who provides free migration like Cloudways

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I know this thread is two years old, however the answer above is not full, so let me add a little comment.

What @Pardeep suggests allows you to create a scaffolding copy of a website, without a content. If you follow his/her steps, you will also have to copy the contents of the website that very likely reside aoutside of plugins / themes, specifically:

  • any media (by default in /storage/app/media)
  • any contents stored in the database

Having an unknown installation of OctoberCMS, I would approach the task by actually copying everything (all files) raw, as is. Then:

  • adjust the environment settings (either in /.env file or in /config folder), including database connection, mail/smtp settings, etc.).
  • if the database is sqlite, you may be lucky and already have the contents copied along
  • if the database is mysql, you will need to dump the old one and restore in the new environment
  • check if the media storage is in the default location, and if necessary adjust.

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