Hi there,

I've developed a plugin under MacOs and now there is a case sensitivity issue while deploying to Linux with case sensitive file system.
I registered my Plugin:
'Eq3w\Onboarding\Components\Company' => 'Company'

The components folder ist lower case 'company', the components class is upper case 'Company.php'.
On MacOs all is working like expected but on Linux the system is trying to load the class with lower case:
'Class Eq3w\Onboarding\Components\company does not exist'

Now I realized that the plugin should load with a lower case starting letter in Plugin.php
But when I load the component like this: Eq3w\Onboarding\Components\Company' => 'company'
It does not work on both systems, Linux and MacOs and I got this error:
Class name is not registered for the component "Company". Check the component plugin.'

Anyone knows how to fix it ?


for anyone facing the same issue. I've renamed the registered components with lower case starting character and reassigned the components to their accordant CMS-pages.


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