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I have created a standard mail template like this:

subject = "Thank you for registering {{ orgName }}"
layout = "default"
Plain text with {{ variable }}


<p>HTML with {{ variable }}</p>

I have noticed that any variables in the template that contain special characters are getting converted into HTML entities.

This is perfect for the HTML portion of the email but I'm not sure if it's really a good idea for the plain text portion and it's definitely not a good idea for the subject, as I have found.

Let's say a user registers an organisation with the app, and their organisation is called, "Bill's Pots and Pans". This is then ending up as Bill&#039;s Pots and Pans which obviously isn't the desired outcome.

Is there an easy way to solve this, or is it better for me to just do a $message->subject('Thank you for registering ' . $orgName) which seems to work but clutters up the controller code a little bit more.

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