I have been reading over the documentation and I cannot figure out how to make a simple form. I dont want to use the create or update actions, as I am trying to basically make a config screen for my plugin. I have made the appropriate xml files but it just gives me an exception saying that formInit() needs to be run.


Nevermind, I figured it out.

You just create a controller using the FormController like any other, but in an action where you need to use the form controller features, have to manually run initForm.

namespace Frontname\Plugin\Controllers;

use BackendMenu;
use Backend\Classes\Controller;

class Settings extends Controller {
    public $implement = [

    public $formConfig = 'config_form.yaml';

    public $requiredPermissions = ['frontname.plugin.permission_name'];

    public function __construct() {
        BackendMenu::setContext('Frontname.Plugin', 'plugin', 'controller');

    public function index() {            
        $this -> initForm($this);  
        $this -> pageTitle = 'frontname.plugin::lang.controller.title';      


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Were you trying to show a backend form instead of showing a list in backend?

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