I am trying to develop my first plugin for October CMS and in one part I want the user to select multiple images from the media finder. Since this isn't implemented natively, I am using repeater to add the images one at a time. I have the following in my model:

public $attachMany = [
    'images' => ['System\Models\File', 'order' => 'sort_order'],

And in my fields.yaml:

        type: repeater
        titleFrom: title_when_collapsed
        tab: myplugin::lang.tabs.images
                    label: myplugin::lang.modeldata.images
                    type: mediafinder
                    mode: image
                    imageHeight: 150
                    imageWidth: 250

When I go to my plugin page in the backend, I can choose multiple images, however when I save the post, it doesn't save the images that I select. The media finder appears blank again after refreshing.

Is this more or less the right way to do it, or should I be using something like a pivot table to store the references to the image locations and post ids? If so, any link on how to do that would be a great help.


Hello, Sadly I don't come with a solution, but I'm in similiar pickle- Did You, by any chance find a solution, or workaround to this?


Unfortunately no, I wasn't able to find a solution.

However this is something currently being worked on https://github.com/octobercms/october/pull/4325. It just has low priority, so if you really need it, feel free to work on it yourself or ask them if they would accept a bounty to prioritize this higher.

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