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Hey community,

At my job they are in the process of looking to rebuild our company intranet. Currently the intranet is built on WordPress, which I'm sure we all know WordPress is not the most modern platform and has security issues. I am comfortable in frontend development but I am also a beginner at PHP and i've been able to use October CMS for personal projects as was well as some client work. I want to use October for our new intranet by building a dashboard that employees can manage and interact with.

Here is a Dashboard Example

I would need the dashboard to work just like the October CMS backend dashboard page to where:

  • Widgets display live data
  • Users can add, remove, drag around, or resize widgets
  • When the user signs in the dashboard widgets should be displayed in the way the user organized theme.

First and foremost I know that I must first start with the theme. However how should i go about implementing the interactive dashboard widgets?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!


A very abstract way of implementing this:

  1. Grab a piece of html of your desired widget/theme and place it in a partial to use from a component.
  2. Create a component with methods to handle ajax requests.
  3. Implement an front end to order/reorder or triggering forms etc. etc.
  4. Handle the frontend events with the octobercms ajax framework (data-attributes like data-request='onUpdateWidgetOrder' etc. etc.)

5.Render widgets on a page by placing you're component on a page Hopefully it will give you some insights :)

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