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Caveat, I'm still learning so the object array may be perfectly fine with the issue being my completely lack of knowledge. I also have some OctoberCMS specific questions (maybe) involving twig. If those are unanswerable, that's fine. I'd still love an answer to the first part.

Anyway, I used Laravel's query builder to get an object array that prints the following:

array(2) { 
    [0]=> object(stdClass)#564 (2) { 
        ["name"]=> string(10) "Debit Card" 
        ["buys"]=> int(6) 
    [1]=> object(stdClass)#561 (2) { 
        ["name"]=> string(12) "Gift Card" 
        ["buys"]=> int(10) 

I need to be able to get that information to a separate file so I can use High Charts to make a graph of the data. But I have no idea how to turn it into something usable. I tried to force it by doing something like foreach(myArray as myObject){ myObject = (array) myObject;} but that didn't seem to do anything.

Is there a nice and convenient way to either use this data as is or turn it into an array of arrays?

Second question (OctoberCMS component stuff):

I'm having a hell of a time getting that information to the default.html page to easily be assigned to a JS variable.

My work around was to create a single array for each object in the above output and do the whole $this->debit = $debit;. But in order for me to get that to a javascript array, I have done the following which I cannot imagine is best practice.

var debitArray = [

So now I have a javascript array in a usable format, but I've heard to try and leave twig out of your <script></script> tags...

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