I have a blog post that has a featured image uploaded to it. I want to get the featured image and display it in the single view of the blog post.

This is the code tab section that I have.

        $this['title'] = $this->components['blogPost']->post->title;
        $this['subtitle'] = $this->components['blogPost']->post->sensit_blogsubtitle_subtitle;
        $this['image'] = $this->components['blogPost']->post->content_images[0]['path'];

What is the best way to get the featured image?

Also how does featured image work? If I have 2 images:

0 => MyCoolImage
1 => AnotherCoolImage

And I delete the image with index 0 . Will the image with index 1 become the main image (t.e image with index 0 ) ?

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