I'm new to octobercms, which I am testing at the moment and I realize some essential functionality missing from the RainLab Blog plugin.

  1. There are no soft deletes, once you delete a blog post its gone permanently.
  2. There's no versioning on blog post, so if you wish to revert after editing its not possible.
  3. Different users can edit the same blog post at the same time without restriction, obviously the one who saves last wins.

Are there any extensions or plugins that have these essential features for the Blog plugin?

Thank you.


These are some valid additions to RainLab.Blog. However, I think that this plugin is supposed to be a mere sample plugin that also shall be simple. It is not supposed to be a replacement for Wordpress. On the other hand, the plugin is hosted on Github so you could just extend the code and create a pull request (it's probably best to make your changes backwards compatible such that you provide a settings option to "enable soft deletes" or "enable versioning" or not).

Other people will definitely profit from your contribution.

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