This post there is a solution for list controller to display values instead of keys from dropdown in forms.

Although this works fine, it generates another problem. When editing a record, dropdown in the form does not display selected value. Instead it shows an empty dropdown (default value) to select the options, while the filed in the database has a proper key value. When I remove aforementioned code from my model, and get back to having keys in my list controller, the dropdown is correctly populated when editing.

Any help would be appreciated.



Ok I managed this thanks to this

Simply, not use any method in your model, instead in in your columns.yaml use select with a custom SQL query:

        label: 'Colonna Home'
        type: text
        searchable: true
        sortable: true
        select: CASE WHEN (homecol =  '0' ) THEN 'Nessuna' WHEN (homecol = '1') THEN 'Sinistra' ELSE 'Destra' END

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