how to call data from database into my datatable?

<table id="example1" class="table table-bordered table-striped">
                  <th>cfm SPT Tahunan Lamp.I</th>
                  <th>cfm SPT Tahunan Final</th>
                  <th>cfm SPT PPN</th>
                  <th>DPP BukPot Ps.22</th>
                  <th>DPP BukPot Ps.23</th>
                  <th>DPP BukPot PPh Final</th>



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Depends where your getting the data from, i.e is it from a plugin or your own data. If your manually entering the data from scratch then id probably create a plugin using the Builder plugin and then build a component to display the data.

Checkout the Support tutorials here::

Hope that helps

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