Hello i tryed to create simple plugin with database. php artisan create:plugin Foo.Bar php artisan create:model Foo.Bar Post

and update migration file, but how can i create table from migration?

php artisan plugin:refresh Foo.Bar and nothing happend (table not exists in database), what wrong ?

php artisan plugin:refresh Foo.Bar Rolled back: Foo.Bar
Reinstalling plugin...

  • Nothing to update.

    class CreatePostsTable extends Migration {

    public function up() {

    Schema::create('foo_bar_posts', function($table)
        $table->engine = 'InnoDB';


    public function down() {




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I got the same problem. I've now spend more than 4 hours trying to get Artisan/October to play nice. This include reinstalling October and writing several test cases. I can't get it to migrate a model or my migration files "class CreateUserImagesTable extends Migration" for instance.

The plugin was created using Artisan create:plugin and the correct "update folder" was made including the migration file.

I've tried to

  • renamed the migration files to fit with the normal laravel migration filename,
  • using the "path" argument to Artisan
  • creating models
  • Using Artisan October:Up
  • Using Artisan October:update
  • Updating from backend
  • Using the same "up" script in a normal artisan migration (that worked)

Any help will be valued, I can not develop my scripts if I can't update my models ..



@sorentruelsen339 lets see

and update your version.yaml and add you migration filenames to file

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