i have this project in mind and i would have some suggestions about how to complete it.

1) i would use Rainlab Blog + Rainlab Location

2) i would add location to Post model ( and for this there is a short guide that i should be able to follow ).

3) i would so have possibility when i publish a new Post to select Country and State.

4) i would show on the front end so a list of States and relative quantity of posts published on that states

5) i would be able to click on state name and open a corresponding page like "/state/name-of-state" and show all post puplished o nthat state, with pagination and so on like is happening on a category page.

6) i would be able to filter posts on a particular state by their Categories. I mean have something like this: "/state/name-of-category/" in this way if user is intereste only to see category1 for Arizona will see only pos has been published under Arizona and under category1.

Now my question is ... someone able to give me suggestions ? Possibly to point me forum's rersources i could follow to learn how to do this...


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