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hello guys anyone could help me please, i am trying to make a component which will output some html by reading from modal "Word" by picking one entery randomly. so far i am able to make the part of randomly picking up and outputting using default.html via components onRun() method like this

    public function onRun()
        $this->test = 'Running Word of the day in Cro job ...';
        $this->words = $this->loadWords();
     * Function to load words from the Word Model
     * @use Yeoman\Wordbank\Models\Word 
     * @return Array [description]
    public function loadWords()
        $query = Word::orderBy(DB::raw('RAND()'))->first();
        return $query;
        // return wordofday::renderPartial('word.htm');

i tried to setup cron job in plugin.php using registerSchedule method. I tried to call by making static method from component in cron job and used sendOutputTo( storage_path('app/testing.txt') ) to see if cron job will out put something but all in vain. I setup cron job in my virtual machine as well and i am using this command php /var//www/public/artisan schedule:run to see if something will output but i also see in response of the command "Running scheduled command: Closure" but nothing in app/testing.txt file. My plugin.php is containing this

    public function registerSchedule($schedule)
        // $schedule->call('Yeoman\Wordbank\Components\Wordofday@loadWords')
        // ->everyMinute()
        // ->sendOutPutTo( storage_path('app/testing.txt') );
        $schedule->call(function() {
            // wordofday::loadWords();
            $wordofday = new wordofday;
            // $Wordofday = new Wordofday;
            // $Wordofday->loadWords();
        ->sendOutputTo( storage_path('app/testing.txt') );

anyone could give me direction or idea how to make a component which will daily pick a random entry from my "word modal" and output it on daily bases. I don't know where to go from here....:/


I've had issues with ->everyMinute() myself and I had success with the same code with every other timeframe I've tried. Perhaps it's a bug or missing Larvel code


what do you recommend me to do? i am using sctochbox on virtual machine and really desperate to find a solution. :/ Although i remember doing ticket system project on laravel for testing purposes and there was no error, i didn't had any cron jobs in that laravel project but it was working fine.

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Late reply, but as the docs say, you can't use sendOutputTo or sendEmailTo if you are doing $schedule->call()

you can only do that with $schedule->command()

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