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I've developed my public website using October. I want to be able to integrate my office/admin system (built in Laravel). I'd rather not just install Laravel and my office/admin application in a subfolder.

My office/admin system consists of 2 areas - a private area that only I can access - this lists all my clients, projects, handles all my invoicing etc. and also an area where clients can log-in to view communications/invoices/wireframes/todo's etc. (a kind of simplified Basecamp)

So I will have 4 basic areas: - public facing site - October CMS back-end - my office/admin app - clients area

The office/clients area will have a separate db to the October db but I can integrate the two if necessary.

Looking through the folder structure I see that October moves the cms, back-end and system areas into a Modules folder. I assume to achieve what I want I should create a similar modules structure.

Any advice or help as to how I can go about creating 2 additional back-end areas with all my own custom application code?


Hi Sunshine, have you found a solution to do that ?

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