Hi, I'm trying to create a class CreateFile to create a .txt file. And a class CreateZip, which achieves a .zip file through one or more paths ... I can create the .txt files, but not .zip ... You have ideas?
My code:

    $file = new File;
    $file->data = 'file_input.txt';//fopen('/file_input.txt', "x");//Input::file('file_input.zip');
    $file->disk_name = $disk_name;
    $file->file_name = 'file_input.txt';
    $file->file_size = '2333';
    $file->content_type = 'application/txt';
    $file->is_public = true;

    $fp = fopen($file->getLocalPath(), "w"); //fopen('/public/'.$path.$disk_name, "xw");
    fwrite($fp, '1');
    fwrite($fp, '23');

with $file can I create the file on the disk and DB system_files and fopen and fwrite function bat in db content_type = inode/x-empty , file_size = 0
If .txt change in .zip $file does not work completely
Help me
Sorry for my English, I'm Italian


Unfortunately, you cannot create an archive (or zip file) by just changing the extension. A zip file is completely different to a txt file (just look at it by opening both of them in a text-editor like Notepad, Sublime Text or Notepad++.

Since it's not that simple to create a class that handles zip archive (de)compression. I would recommend you head over to packagist and look for appropriate packages (like this for archive (de)compression). These packages are much more reliable, more widely used, and better tested.


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