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Hello everyone, I'm facing a situation where having more options with the blog posts component would help me tremendously. In short, I've explained my situation on github but lack the skill to do it myself as I don't live in the same universe as PhP.

I'm using Rainlab Blog to try to handle a multi portal website where I have a main page displaying everything as it arrives, and am in the process of making portals for each categories, respecting the layout from the main page, for each one of those.

The issue I'm having is that I can't find how to combine categories together. If the main block from the homepage displays articles, the main block on category A should display articles only related to category A. As it stands now, it's not possible to use the basic component at all. (ideally, I would tell the component to display posts from :slug, and category A.)

I'm sure it's not an hard modification, but In the event of no one being able to help, I'm willing to pay someone to do this for me as I don't know enough php to even understand the way the basic component works.

Thanks in advance

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