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I have three blog categories set up "business, news, misc". I have one layout that shows a blog list of posts and a category blog list of posts. The sidebar contains a list of categories using the blogCategories component. I'm displaying 10 posts per page.

When there is more than one page, pagination links work fine but when I go to the next page the category url links in the side bar are also appended with the current page number. So on page 2 of the blog list (and page 2 of any category list) the side bar links for the categories are:


What I expected (and need) in the sidebar (regardless of what page number I'm on) is:


So users can jump to a category from any paginated page. I've followed the blog video in the documentation to the letter. Everything else works just great. How do I achieve this?


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Overcame this by hard-coding the links in the blogCategories component template

<a href="{{ category.url }}">


<a href="/blog/category/{{ category.slug }}">

Small price to pay!

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