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Hi guys how are you

I am using the builder to generate my screens in October and so far everything is working properly.

But I'm having trouble accessing the files I uploaded.

Example my model:

        'type' => 'required'


    public $attachMany = [
        'files' => 'System\Models\File'

    public $belongsTo = [
        'category' => [
            'key' => 'type'

     * @var string The database table used by the model.
    public $table = 'clients';


The whole Upload part is being done by the javascript file called "Fileupload.js", so I can add multiple files, I've been noticing that it saves in the table however I can not create a relation to know which files are linked ... Being honest I'm lost in the way that October works with the upload.

I tried to access property:

$model->files->getPath(); or $model->files[0]->getPath();

but it shows error saying that the function getPath() does not exist ...

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