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Product support

The support is provided by individual products included into the bundle.


ProBlog + ProEvents in one bundle!


  • Publishing Restrictions
  • Versions & Rollback
  • Single Page blog lists, viewing, & searching
  • Powerful filtering by date, author, search term, category, & tag
  • Page Impression tracking for Trending and Popular Posts
  • IBM Watson (tm) NPL/NLU tools to analyze your content to achieve optimum SEO
  • Translatable and Static Pages integrated


  • Powerful MultiDate tool for arrays of dates and times
  • jQuery FullCallendar, Responsive HTML Calendar, List views and more
  • Model Store for booking data. Price & QTY per event instance
  • Events are db driven, not dynamic providing easy extension
  • Translatable and Static Pages integrated

Please see individual product pages for documentation: