October Stable release

Posted in Announcements on Jul 02, 2016

Today is a long-awaited date for all of us, October has finally reached a stable release! This version is based on the foundation framework Laravel 5.1 LTS (Long Term Support). Over the past two and a half years October has become a go-to platform for many developers and clients. It has been installed more than 100 thousand times, there are thousands of active users and these numbers grow steadily every day.

We are happy that many of you share our philosophy and we are going to adhere to our principles in the future. We will keep delivering new features, growing the quantity and quality of the marketplace products, improving our services for authors and regular users, along with providing more education material on subjects related to October and web development in general.

Website updates

We have completely redesigned the website to better match the spirit of October. It's simpler, better organized and easier to use. The Authors area got some special attention, very soon we will add even more features for plugin and theme authors.

We have decided to remove the Gallery section from the website. Our experience showed that neither October nor developers benefit from it. We may decide to bring it back later, for now if you build great a site with October feel free to tweet it to us!

The biggest change is a new support area that contains support articles and links to all existing support channels. We want to make it easier to get support and we're going to add new articles to this section on a regular basis.

Quick intro for October beginners

If you're new to October, watch the crash course video. It explains how the flat-file CMS works. See the supporting tutorial article for more details.

Flat-file October CMS


We are very grateful to the fantastic community that surrounds October. Your interest and enthusiasm is the main driving force for us, helping us to handle the constant load and work long hours, sometimes 14 hours a day! By way of a thank you we want to share this coupon code which gives you a 15% discount for plugins and themes costing more than $10. Coupon code:


The coupon will be effective for 7 days, until July 9 (PST), and can be used only once per customer. A quick note for authors, the discount affects only the gratitude and doesn't affect the amount you get paid.

We look forward to more fun, let’s build the future together!

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