October CMS v3.6 is Here: Packed Full of New Features

Posted in Announcements on Feb 24, 2024

Hello, October CMS enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce the release of October CMS version 3.6, a feature-packed update that brings forward major improvements and new functionalities to your favorite web development platform. This release is huge and was initially planned for the future version 4.0, but we've decided to deliver these exciting features early to ensure you have access to the latest enhancements sooner.

Introducing Phosphor Icons Integration

Phosphor is a passion project by Helena Zhang and Tobias Fried. It’s used by companies and creatives like AllTrails, Figma Academy, Framer, Outgo, Pablo Stanley, Qatalog, reMarkable, Spacedrive, Stash, and Threads.

Phosphor Icons

We love the look of these icons, so we've introduced over 7,488 Phosphor icons to the admin panel, offering an extensive collection of icons to enrich your UI designs. This integration provides a vast array of icon options to improve the visual appeal of your projects.

You can start using these icons in all your plugins, alongside the traditional October Icons.

Code Completion for Tailor Blueprints

OctoberCode - VS Code extension

When using the Editor in the admin panel, we've introduced code completion capabilities, ensuring you receive automatic suggestions as you develop your blueprints.

This enhancement was made possible thanks to the OctoberCode extension for the Visual Studio Code editor, created by Sergey Kasyanov. If you're yet to explore this extension, we highly recommend it. For those already benefiting from it, consider supporting Sergey on Patreon to show appreciation for this invaluable contribution to our ecosystem.

Admin Panel Form Enhancements

The Form Controller has been supercharged with new design modes to provide a more adaptable and streamlined management interface. These new form design modes are now available:

Basic Design

The basic design is the standard form layout used by most forms.

Basic Form Design

Sidebar Design

The sidebar places secondary tabbed fields in a sidebar.

Sidebar Form Design

Survey Design

The survey shows horizontal fields with sections instead of tabs.

Survey Form Design

Popup Design

The popup manages the form fields using modal windows.

Basic Form Design

With these new options, and more on the horizon, building your backend forms has never been quicker and easier.

Flash Progress Messages

Loading Flash Message

The AJAX Framework now includes an option to display a flash progress message while the request runs. This is great particularly for long running processes. It can be implemented using the data attributes API or the JavaScript interface.

    data-request-message="Please wait while we process your request...">
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Added Support For Nested Data Types

Tailor's dynamic content management framework now automatically integrates with the Relation Controller, delivering an advanced interface for managing related records and nested data. This includes a new content field and display mode that lets you manage complex data inside a simple user interface.

Controller mode has been added to the Entries field type, and the new Nested Items field has been added, which is well suited for managing menu structures. Here is a screencast that demonstrates the new Nested Items field:

Plugin developers also benefit from this upgrade with support for nested relationship definitions and an inline controller mode added to the Relation form widget.

Upgrade and Compatibility

There are many more features detailed in the technical release notes. Should you encounter any compatibility issues with version 3.6, we've provided guidelines to temporarily lock your project to version 3.5, ensuring your services remain uninterrupted as you adjust.

Future Horizons

With some features initially slated for version 4.0 now included in 3.6, we're eagerly looking forward to further developments and the compatibility enhancements that the next version of Laravel will bring. While we wait, we'll be focusing on the 3.7 release, including the in progress roadmap items. Stay connected for more exciting updates!

Engage with Us

Dive into the detailed documentation to fully leverage the capabilities of version 3.6 in your projects. We value your feedback and experiences with this update and encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

A heartfelt thank you to our entire October CMS community for your ongoing support and contributions. Together, we continue to forge a powerful and innovative web development platform. Let's embark on this new journey with October CMS v3.6!

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