October CMS v3.4 with Laravel 10 Support

Posted in Announcements on Jun 30, 2023

Hello everyone ,

Today we are happy to announce that October CMS version 3.4 is live! In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve the platform, and we hope you will find the new features helpful in your projects.

Laravel 10 Support

Laravel 10 was released on February 14, 2023 and continues the improvements made in early versions. The tenth release includes a variety of bug fixes, security and usability improvements. You can read the full release notes on the Laravel website.

October CMS v3.4 now ships with compatibility for both Laravel 9 and Laravel 10, it installs version 9 by default and developers can opt-in to version 10 by updating their composer file.


The flagship feature of this release is the introduction of snippets. Snippets are a powerful tool to bridge the gap between developers and publishers, by allowing them to drag and drop complex controls within content editors.

The new snippet documentation includes several examples of using snippets, such as viewing a tailor record, embedding a YouTube video and a basic contact form.

Hot Controls

In October CMS v3.4, we've introduced Hot Controls, a new way to work with AJAX and JavaScript. Hot Controls can detect when a HTML element has been added or removed from the page. Unlike other tools, it let's you keep your front-end and focuses on enhancing the HTML you already have.

Multisite Role Restrictions

In October CMS v3.1, we introduced powerful multisite capabilities. In this version we have taken this concept further by adding role-specific site definitions. When enabled, a site will only be visible in the backend panel to administrators that have the roles specified.

Super-Scaffolding with the New Builder Plugin

A new version of the Builder plugin has been released that introduces the ability to convert Tailor blueprints to plugin files. This makes it a powerful scaffolding tool that can generate hundreds of boilerplate files with one click. Keep in mind, converting blueprints is a one-way function and is recommended for advanced users that are familiar with extending October CMS.

Other Improvements

We've highlighted some of the standout features in October CMS 3.4, but there's more to discover in this update! To learn more about all the new features and improvements in October CMS 3.4, be sure to read the Release Notes, and upgrade to the latest version today.

We hope you enjoy this update and your clients enjoy working with snippets!

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