Announcing October CMS 3.2: New Page Finder, Improved Partials, and More!

Posted in Announcements on Jan 11, 2023

We're excited to announce the release of October CMS version 3.2! This update includes several new features and improvements that we think you'll love.

Page Finder Form Widget

One of the standout features in this release is the new Page Finder Form Widget. This control allows you to easily search for page links throughout your website, including both CMS pages and Tailor records. This should make it much easier to manage your website's internal linking structure, such as building navigation and sitemaps.

Partial Improvements

We've made some improvements to the {% partial %} tag. Now, when using this tag, the contents will have access to both the variables from the current context and any additional ones that you provide.

A New Way to Support AJAX in Partials

In October CMS 3.2, we've introduced a new {% ajaxPartial %} Twig tag that allows you to add AJAX handler support to your partials. With the new tag, you can call the partial's AJAX handlers and the partial can update itself using the _self reference.

Tabbed Repeaters

We've also added the ability to create tabbed repeaters by setting the useTabs property to true. This should make it easier to organize content in forms and present it in a clean, tabbed interface.

New Features Documentation

The CMS documentation has been improved to include new articles on common use cases, such as validation, file management, loading indicators, pagination, polling and modals. Take a look at the Features section in the documentation.

Other Notable Improvements

We've added several new Twig functions to the CMS system, and made it possible to use the AJAX framework to download files. Plus, we've improved the registration of email templates, consolidating it into a single method.

We've highlighted some of the standout features in October CMS 3.2, but there's more to discover in this update! To learn more about all the new features and improvements in October CMS 3.2, be sure to read the Release Notes, and upgrade to the latest version today.

We hope you enjoy this update and all the new possibilities it brings!

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