Let's build a perfect marketplace!

Posted in Announcements on May 20, 2014

Dear friends! While we run the Beta phase we get fantastic feedback and support from the community. We have had an overwhelming response of plugins and noticed some of the quality is lacking. The mission of OctoberCMS is to provide the community with high quality software. We believe that it is better to have fewer, but high-quality plugins. To address this issue we're introducing the Quality Guidelines for the Marketplace products.

The Guidelines is a set of rules that authors should follow and which we will use when we handle the plugin approval requests. Basing on the guidelines we will be making decisions whether a plugin should be approved or rejected. In many cases rejected plugins could be fixed and submitted again. In case of rejection we will provide the reason and, if applicable, suggestions how to fix the issues. The Guidelines describe requirements for the plugin description, documentation, icons, screenshos and functionality. Note that rejected plugins, or plugins not listed on the Marketplace can still be installed manually.

We hope that this step will help authors to develop better plugins and will make the end users happier, which will result in the satisfaction of the both sides.

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