Introducing October CMS Free License

Posted in Announcements on Jun 27, 2023

Exciting news for all October CMS users! In our quest to make our platform even more accessible, we're now offering a Free License with every account. This license enables you to build one project, be it a personal blog, a business website, or anything else, suitable for both non-profit and commercial projects, entirely free.

We know that selecting a CMS is an important step in a project development process. There are many choices out there, and finding the right fit for your specific needs can be challenging. That's why we've decided to offer the Free License – to give you the opportunity to fully explore and utilize October CMS without any financial commitment. We're confident that once you experience the power and flexibility of our platform, you'll understand why so many developers choose October CMS.

Just like our paid licenses, the Free License provides one year of software updates. Once it expires, you can extend it for another year at the regular license price. This extension is only necessary if you plan to update the platform or plugins. Even after the license expires, you are legally permitted to continue running your website indefinitely.

Obtaining your Free License couldn't be easier. Whether you're new to October CMS or already have an account, the process is simple. Log in or sign up, then head to the Account / Projects page. You can choose to create a new project or use an existing one. Click "Get a Free License", and voila – you've unlocked complete access to October CMS.

What does the Free License offer you? It brings freedom to embark on a project without any limitations or upfront costs. Freelancers can start building a client's website straight away. For students, it's an excellent opportunity to learn about October CMS, a platform that's growing popular for website development, and all without any expenditure. Digital studios considering October CMS can use the Free License as a risk-free way to evaluate the platform's capabilities in a real project environment. In short, it's a win-win for everyone!

Ready to get started with October CMS? Grab your Free License and begin your project today!

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