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Advantages of plugin

  • Increase the speed of your webpage! - Enable the gzip compression of server.
  • Delete the unused files and folders! - Scan and find the unnecessary elements.
  • Let's work effectively and quickly! - Extend the operation of input fields.
  • Be simpler the back-end interface! - Hide the unused elements and texts.
  • Make an informative nice dashboard! - Add some new widgets to dashboard.

New back-end features

  • Enable the gzip compression. More info »
  • Hide the menu description in sidebar.
  • Focus the search field automatically.
  • Hide the search field in sidebar.
  • Rounded profile image is optional in top menu.
  • Show the virtual keyboard by input fields.
  • Hide the label in top menu.
  • Hide the "Find more themes" link in Design.
  • Show a right-click menu on Back-end.
  • Add the clear button to input fields.

New menu in System panel

Delete the unused files and folders of OctoberCMS such as text files (readme and license), old files, empty folders and unnecessary database settings. You can find this feature on the Settings > System > Trash items page. For compatibility reasons you can use the latest version of OctoberCMS and plugins!

New dashboard widgets

  • System status plus (updates, plugins and themes)
  • Versions (cms, php and gd library)
  • RSS viewer (title, date and description)
  • Logs (event, access and request)
  • Cache storage (view diagram and delete files)
  • Random images (hundreds of high-quality photos)
  • Last logins (date, user name and ip address)
  • Administrators (users, groups and last login)
  • PHP settings (upload limit, memory limit and timezone)
  • Server info (host, ip address and operation system)

New form widgets

  • Pickadate (datepicker and timepicker)
  • TimePicki (timepicker)
  • MiniColors (colorpicker)

New front-end components

  • Lorem ipsum image
  • Lorem ipsum text

Available languages

  • en - English
  • de - Deutsch
  • es - Español
  • hu - Magyar
  • tr - Türkçe


If you like this plugin, please try the...

New dashboard widgets


  1. Go to the Settings > Updates & Plugins page in the Backend.
  2. Click on the Install plugins button.
  3. Type the Backend Plus text in the search field.

Activate features

  1. Go to the Settings > Back-end preferences page in the Backend.
  2. Click on the Display or Behavior tab.
  3. You can activate any new features.

Add widget

  1. Go to the Dashboard page in the Backend.
  2. Click on the Manage widgets > Add widget button.
  3. Select the any Backend Plus widgets from the list.

Form widgets documentation


pickadate - renders a text field used for selecting date and times.

    label: Date
    type: pickadate
    mode: date
Option Description
mode the expected result, either date, datetime or time. Default: datetime.
selectYears display select menus to pick the year. Default: false.
selectMonths display select menus to pick the month. Default: false.
interval choose the minutes interval between each time in the list. Default: 30.

See the demo: http://amsul.ca/pickadate.js


timepicki - renders a text field used for selecting times.

    label: Time
    type: timepicki
    stepSizeMinutes: 10
Option Description
increaseDirection set increase hour or minute direction. Default: 'down'.
customClasses add custom class name in timepicki for our own like css purpose. Default: ''.
minHourValue set minimum hour which means we can set minimum value of hour. Default: 0.
maxHourValue also can set maximum hour same like minimum hour. Default: 23.
showMeridian you can choose to hide the AM/PM selector. Default: false.
stepSizeHours the step size with which hours have to increase or decrease Default: 1.
stepSizeMinutes the step size with which hours have to increase or decrease Default: 1.
overflowMinutes that hours will be updated if we go over the maximum/minimum of the minutes counter. Default: false.
disableKeyboardMobile prevent keyboard to show up on mobile, side effect: you can't type your hour on desktop keyboard anymore either. Altering hours and minutes with arrows is still possible. Default: false.
reset if want to reset time in input, to enable reset option. Default: false.

See the demo: http://senthilraj.github.io/TimePicki


minicolors - renders controls to select a color value.

    label: Choose color
    type: minicolors
    control: wheel
Option Description
animationSpeed the animation speed of the sliders when the user taps or clicks a new color. Default: 50.
animationEasing the easing to use when animating the sliders. Default: 'swing'.
changeDelay the time, in milliseconds, to defer the change event from firing while the user makes a selection. Default: 0.
control determines the type of control. Valid options are 'hue', 'brightness', 'saturation', and 'wheel'. Default: 'hue'.
format the format MiniColors should use. Valid options are 'hex' and 'rgb'. Default: 'hex'.
hideSpeed the speed at which to hide the color picker. Default: 100.
keywords a comma-separated list of keywords that the control should accept (e.g. inherit, transparent, initial). Default: ''.
letterCase determines the letter case of the hex code value. Valid options are 'uppercase' or 'lowercase'. Default: 'lowercase'.
position sets the position of the dropdown. Valid options are 'bottom left', 'bottom right', 'top left', and 'top right'. Default: 'bottom left'.
showSpeed the speed at which to show the color picker. Default: 100.

See the demo: http://labs.abeautifulsite.net/jquery-minicolors


  • Found the plugin not useful on 26 Feb, 2016

    I dont' install by "Type the Backend Plus in search field", It' not http://i.imgur.com/9d6WAMc.jpg

  • author

    Replied on 29 Feb, 2016

    Please try to install the plugin again. If it doesn't work, try to reinstall the OctoberCMS. If you have any problem with the plugin, please report it on the Github.

  • Found the plugin useful on 1 Sep, 2015

    Thanks for this amazing plugin! I have been using it for around 5 months now and I must say - it's just amazing!

  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Feb, 2015

    This is a good set of tools that make the dashboard much more useful and the backend more tuned to the way you work.

  • Found the plugin useful on 21 Jan, 2015

    It's really good stuff

  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Jan, 2015

    Very nice. RSS viewer is a simple addition, but very handy.

  • Found the plugin useful on 1 Jan, 2015

    Thank you , good job


Improved the context menu.

Dec 02, 2016


Added the context menu feature.

Nov 24, 2016


Fixed the page overflow issue.

Oct 12, 2016


Added tooltip when hiding the labels.

Oct 06, 2016


Minor improvements.

Oct 04, 2016


Expanded the Trash items page.

Sep 28, 2016


Improved the Trash files page.

Sep 12, 2016


Minor improvements and bugfix.

Aug 28, 2016


Delete the unused files and folders.

Aug 24, 2016


Enable the gzip compression.

Aug 02, 2016


Hide the label in top menu.

Jul 16, 2016


Improved the UI and fixed bug.

Jul 12, 2016


Minor improvements and bugfix.

Jul 08, 2016


Updated for latest October.

Jul 02, 2016


Improved the Cache dashboard widget.

Apr 02, 2016


Minor improvements.

Mar 24, 2016


Added new colorpicker form widget.

Mar 22, 2016


Added 2 new form widgets.

Mar 20, 2016


Added the Cache dashboard widget.

Mar 10, 2016


Fixed the automatically focus option.

Feb 02, 2016


Improved the Media menu hiding.

Jan 04, 2016


Added clear button option to form fields.

Nov 16, 2015


Delete only demo folder instead of october.

Sep 04, 2015


Fixed the search field hide issue.

Sep 02, 2015


Added 2 new options for Settings.

Sep 01, 2015


Improved the widget exception handling.

Aug 28, 2015


Fixed the hiding Media menu issue.

Aug 05, 2015


Minor improvements.

Jun 04, 2015


Improved the automatic search focus.

Jun 02, 2015


Renamed the name of backend widgets.

May 28, 2015


Minor improvements and bugfix.

May 24, 2015


Hide the Media menu optional in top menu.

May 24, 2015


Fixed the authenticated user bug.

May 20, 2015


Rounded profile image is optional in top menu.

May 18, 2015


All features are working on the whole backend.

May 18, 2015


Added Spanish language.

Mar 11, 2015


The widgets work on localhost too.

Feb 10, 2015


Added German language.

Jan 28, 2015


Hide the "Find more themes..." link.

Jan 24, 2015


Added Lorem ipsum components (image and text).

Jan 20, 2015


Add virtual keyboard option.

Jan 15, 2015


Add Random images widget.

Jan 06, 2015


Minor improvements and bugfix.

Jan 03, 2015


Add RSS view widget.

Jan 02, 2015


Add Last logins widget.

Dec 31, 2014


Fixed the update count issue.

Dec 30, 2014


First version of Backend Plus.

Dec 28, 2014